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  Data Entry Services  
Why would you do labor-intensive data processing work when we can do it for you? Crealart provides back office support services such as data processing, data entry and data conversion services. We are one stop solution for high quality and cost effective back office support outsourcing services.

Having a data processing outsourcing partner gives you a competitive edge. Your employees spend less time on manual activities and concentrate on bringing more business.

Data Processing
We help our clients in managing their data processing challenges such as summarizing information into smart formats, summarizing large statistics into meaningful data and more. Our clients are from varied industries such as retail, manufacturing, high-tech and more. Our data processing services includes form processing, Word doc processing, image processing, insurance claim processing, survey processing, mailing list compilation and more.

Data Entry
Outsourcing data entry work can make a lot of difference in the performance of your business be it a small sized company to corporate. Crealart has skilled professionals who have very fast keyboard operating skills. We provide fast and accurate data entry services for any company that needs data to be pulled from sources like hand written paper, PDF, Word, Excel or web. We offer offline and online data entry services which include offline and online form filling services for surveys, enrollment process, product order, reward program, insurance claim, invoice and more.

Data Conversion
Data conversion is very critical for any business. Crealart helps you save time and money by converting your unstructured data into structured information. We use cutting edge technologies and our skilled workforce; to convert your unstructured data into valuable digital formats. We capture data from all types of forms accurately, quickly, and economically. Our data conversion services include digital conversion to and from Word, PDF, Excel, handwritten/printed paper, ebook, HTML and more.
Data Entry Services